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Agile or bust.

Manage your retail stores
more effectively than ever.

Quorso’s intelligent store performance platform delivers
rapid value for complex, multi-site retail businesses.

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The problem Quorso solves.

In volatile times, agility is essential. But the store management process is clunky and inefficient...

Surface Insights

Store managers typically spend
six hours a week reviewing
dashboards and reports.

Take Action

But the actions they
take to improve aren't
documented or tracked.

Measure Impact

So their effectiveness
is impossible to
measure accurately.

Scale Success

And, when they do get things
right, their success is rarely
scaled across the business.

The consequence.

As a result, most retail businesses
lose 11% of sales and 9% of labor every week,
due to leaks that can easily be fixed instore.

Retail use cases.

Quorso drives rapid improvement across your business.

Increase sales

Manage availability, attachments and visual merchandizing.

Focus on KPIs

Ensure every team and all actions are aligned to your KPIs.

Fulfil instore better

Streamline BOPIS and BORIS processes to improve timelines.

Schedule staff right

Adapt your staff schedule to fluctuating demand.

How it works. What does it feel like when store management is powered by Quorso?

Focused efforts, coordinated action, contextual coaching, motivated teams, granular measurement and rapid learning, in order to hit critical goals and KPIs.

“Hands down the platform is exceptional…the science is better than anything we have done…and the user-friendliness is outstanding. A tool for every Area Manager to use while on the store floor.”

Store Manager Marks & Spencer, Cambridge
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