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Some of the world’s largest retailers are already using Quorso to drive a 1-2% increase in weekly revenue and a 1.5% saving in total controllable costs (up to 8% within specific cost categories).

Engagement is immediate and consistently high,
and user satisfaction levels are strong.

Engagement 86 %

of stores writing
+1 plan each week

Activity 1284 plans

live in Quorso
this week

Success 73 %

of plans delivering
$ improvement

Time saved 2-4 hrs

being saved per user per week

7.4 %

average revenue
increase per plan

16.1 %

average cost
decrease per plan

Helping businesses worldwide.

Effortless improvement is underway as you read this.

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Meet the KPI dashboard.

Rapid alignment at all times.

Unlike a BI tool, the Quorso dashboard doesn’t just show you how your KPIs are performing. It shows you the specific actions your team are taking to improve them, the impact those actions are having, and exactly where you can boost performance even more.

Set a new KPI in seconds and, as soon as you do, Quorso’s intelligent analytics layer scours through all your data, identifying specific opportunities for each team member to improve it, and alerting them to get started.

Track the progress of your region

Operational KPIs
on target

+4 last week
19 /22
Measure the actions of each store
Active Plans 864
$ 96 k / week

Increase in revenue across
the stores in your region

KPI Dashboard
KPI Dashboard
#QuorsoForGood. Improve the sustainability of your business, effortlessly.

Last year grave forecasts from the UN and mass-protests across the globe – including a pink yacht parked outside our London office by Extinction Rebellion – inspired us to use Quorso to analyse global carbon emissions data and try to identify key opportunities for reducing damage.

At a regional analysis level, scaled per capita across the 161 countries we included, Asia has by far the greatest reduction gap to bring it in-line with median volumes (9,717 Mt). At a sector level, specifically within Europe, the biggest opportunity appears to be in Power Industry emissions across Russia, Germany and Poland (813 Mt combined).

Drilling down further, we found initial evidence for positive impact over time. The UK’s 2008 Climate Act, for example, has led to a 65 Mt reduction in emissions over and above what the rest of the Annex I industrialised countries have achieved since then.

Overall, Quorso calculated that if every country currently emitting more than average in any sector reduces its emissions to match the median per-capita performance of similar countries, global emissions of CO₂ could potentially be reduced by over 20%!

The Tool. Intelligent behind the scenes, intuitive on the surface

Quorso runs over 30 billion calculations a week for a typical large retail customer, but the interface is sleek and simple. Or as we like to say – if you can use Airbnb, you can use Quorso.

Quorso Desktop
Frequently Asked Questions.

Still got some questions?
We’re here to help.

Can I overlay broader business initiatives and incorporate KPIs?
  • Yes, absolutely. You can steer Quorso’s Opportunities to align with or to prioritize company initiatives, campaigns, promotions, etc.
  • You can also integrate Quorso with your BI tool, combining the charts you love with the actions that will improve them.
  • Learn more about using Quorso to enhance your existing tech stack here.
How long does it take to get set up on Quorso?
  • 3-4 weeks, once we receive your data.
  • Includes two days of your Data Lead – the rest is done by Quorso.
  • You can learn more about implementing Quorso here.
How many hours per week do users need to spend to be effective on Quorso?
  • Without Quorso, most front line managers typically spend six hours a week planning how to improve. With Quorso this only takes approximately one hour per week.
  • Regional managers use Quorso to streamline their weekly performance check-ins, so they use Quorso for 2-3 hours per week.
Why are Quorso’s insights better than my BI tool?
  • Typical BI tools focus on 7-8 relatively high-level metrics which present a summary snapshot of your business. Quorso looks at everything, and directs your attention to the granular actions that could best improve those metrics.
  • BI tools are great for watching what is happening, but they do not take, track or measure action, so they do not deliver tangible improvements that can be scaled over time.
  • Read more about how Quorso augments BI and other platforms here.
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